Recent Milestones

  •  – Sebela Pharmaceuticals acquires all assets of ContraMed

    Sebela Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the acquisition of ContraMed assets.

  •  – ContraMed Completes Enrollment in U.S. Phase 2 Study for LevoCept

    ContraMed today announced that it has completed enrollment in its U.S. Phase 2 Clinical Study of LevoCept, a levonorgestrel-based long acting reversible contraceptive device. Over 275 subjects were enrolled at over 14 centers across the U.S. The LevoCept Phase 2 Study is a multicenter study designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of LevoCept in a population of parous and nulliparous women seeking long acting, reversible contraception.

  •  – VeraCept U.S. Phase 2 Study Achieves Primary Endpoints

    ContraMed today announced that its U.S. Phase 2 Study of VeraCept, a ground-breaking new hormone-free IUD, had achieved its primary study endpoints as defined in the study protocol. Primary efficacy and safety endpoints at 1 year, as well as secondary endpoints at 1 year were all achieved. Longer term study follow up has been initiated, with subjects allowed to continue for up to 3 years of use. VeraCept is a low-dose copper IUD currently undergoing clinical evaluation in the U.S.

  •  – Publication of VeraCept Randomized Clinical Study Results

    ContraMed today announced the publication of the results of a prospective, randomized clinical evaluation of VeraCept compared to a standard copper IUD. The paper, “A randomized comparison of a novel nitinol fame low-dose copper intrauterine contraceptive and a copper T380S intrauterine contraceptive” reports primary and secondary comparative outcomes over 24 months of use.

    Published online at the journal Contraception.